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In Home Lice Treatment

Let’s Be PALS takes care of you at your convenience and in the comfort of your own home. Our technicians are trained to put everyone at ease while ensuring lice are removed effectively. We’ll share with you the proper technique and tools to treat head lice successfully and nauturally without harsh chemicals or pesticides.

Have you been using OTC products unsuccessfully? Does it seem like your child is getting reinvested every 3 weeks to a month? Well, its probably more of a case of missing something than it is of a re-infestation. Getting rid of lice is difficult without the proper tools, product and knowledge. Our all natural lice killing products have no pesticides or toxins and leave your hair feeling beautiful while combating lice and their eggs. We’ll provide head checks and show the the lice or nits before commencing to a treatment.

There are several advantages to an in home lice service compared with a lice treatment salon service:


Advantages of Using an In Home Lice Treatment Service

  • Confidentiality: In home services are private and offer complete confidentiality. Many children and parents do not want to run into a neighbor while walking to the salon or within the salon. Even though we all try very, very hard to dispel the stigma, it still exists!
  • Private Individual Care: You know how sometimes you can feel unimportant as stylist juggle other clients, cut while your drying etc. You’ll never feel this way with an in home service. You receive full undivided attention.
  • Convenience: With in home lice services, parents don’t have to gather their children in the car and drive several miles to a salon. Dad can watch the game or kids can play their favorite video games while waiting their turn.
  • Accommodates any schedule: In home lice service allows for multiple peoples schedule. If a child has a game they can be worked on after their siblings or if a child has an event to attend they can be done first.
  • Less overwhelming: Getting head lice can be embarrassing to some children. For many children, going out to a strange place during this time (or even for a hair cut) is stressful. They would much rather stay in the comfort of their home.
  • Pricing: Parents often assume that the in home service is more costly than salon services. This is most often not the case, it’s usually the other way around. In the case of Let’s Be PALS, we offer the lowest prices in the area with our best price promise.
  • Hours of Availability: Usually salons are open 5 days a week from 9-5 while in-home services often are available 7 days a week–day time and evenings.
  • Let’s Be PALS offers all of the conveniences of in home lice removal service. We have a successful protocol we’ve been using for a decade. We guarantee our work—100%. Give us a call; you will be relieved that you did. We guarantee it!

Is this you right now?

Head lice are back again and again every 2 or 3 weeks. Harsh head lice treatments causing tears and tantrums. Strong chemicals have damaged your child’s hair and skin. You are wasting hours cleaning the house and washing linens. You are getting unhelpful, unsympathetic advice that isn’t working. Other parents are blaming you for their children’s head lice problems. Other children keep giving head lice back to your children. We know how you feel and want you to know Lice Treatment is possible and we’ll teach you how. Call in the lice experts and get your sanity back! We can help with Head Lice, call us now or schedule your appointment today. A friendly lice technician will arrive at your house shortly to help you through this “lice thing” and give you peace of mind today. We are Registered Nurse staffed.


  • Affordable Lice Treatment
  • Non Toxic/No Pesticides
  • Same Day Service
  • Manual Removal Process
  • Decades of Experience