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Our Guarantee Guaranteed Lice Removal Service

We are committed to providing superior customer service & to help your family get rid of head lice safely & effectively. Our 30 day guarantee is a commitment to getting rid of your current head lice infestation. Our guarantee is as follows:

In-Home Treatment Guarantee*: Let’s Be PALS will completely eliminate** your head lice problems in one treatment. If you find live bugs or new nits within 30 days of our treatment, we will return to your home and re-treat*** for free.

*We trust that you will follow the written post plan & are with the understanding that getting rid of lice is a process, there are no overnight quick cures for head lice. All members of the household must be checked in order to guarantee our services.

**It is normal to comb out some debris for a few days following an appointment. A few nits or dead lice found within the first three days after treatment does not warrant a return trip. The details will be explained completely during a treatment.

***If we return to your home to re-treat & no lice or nits are found, you are responsible for the complete treatment cost. We do not treat you for free just because you think that you still have lice, or because your head itches or because you thought you saw something. Actual evidence of a continued head lice infestation must be present.

If you have any questions about our Services, Pricing, or our guarantee, please Contact Us.