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Head lice treatment

Lice Treatment Charlotte Let’s Be PALS  approach to head lice removal is safe and effective, our treatment process is safe for children all hair textures the treatment is comfortable and gentle yet effective.Our lice specialist will help accommodate every member of the family including  children who have difficulty sitting for a long time children who may not like to be comb or brushed and children and adults with other special needs.

Our treatment is known for being

Comfortable  – professional care – time saving – easy one step process -chemical/pesticide free – hassle free – convenient- full lice elimination- complete lice removal.
Only by properly removing every nit out of the hair is full Lice elimination achieved, this is why we recommend the treatment be performed by a trained person who knows what to look for, to effectively remove the lice infestation we use  a highly effective product which works by killing lice and nits with a natural proprietary botanical blend of oils known to kill lice and their eggs for centuries.

The treatment product of our choice

  • Kills lice and nits
  • Non-toxic head lice treatment is safe for children six months and older
  • Strong enough for adults too!
  • Non-toxic choice of school nurses and pediatricians
  • Works on all hair types
  • 100% guarantee*

Treatment Plans

Let’s Be PALS Charlotte promises to be the best value in North Carolina. We charge by the hour. (Read about the difference between hourly vs. per person rates here). We average about an hour or less per person and the more people we treat the quicker the process!

No minimums

Head Checks: $15/head plus local travel fee. If lice is found, head check fees are waived and the appointment starts at the arrival time.

In-Home Lice Treatment is charged by the hour at a prorated rate every 15min

Full Service $149/hr. Now only $89/hr**

Our full service option provides our 5-step manual removal process using our proprietary products and 100% satisfaction guarantee

Comb Out $129/hr Now only $69/hr**
If you only need nits removed and are not dealing with any live bugs this plan is for you! 2-Step manual removal process using our proprietary products.

(**a travel fee of $20 to local areas, plus a $15 comb fee (if you don’t already have a professional comb) applies.

Outside our local area (from 30-50 miles) travel fees are $40

Head Lice Screening availabe for Schools & Groups, call for details


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